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  • There's a New Website In Town
    Hello Everyone, it is with great excitement that I get to announce that we have a new website that is up and running. Now it’s still in it’s infancy stage Read more
  • Health: Our #1 Asset
    Health: Our #1 Asset Our number one asset in our life needs to be our health. Think about this: if we don’t have good health, then what really do we have? Read more
  • Optimal Functioning Part 1
    Optimal Functioning: Part 1 In my last post, I explained why health is our number one asset and defined it as optimal functioning of our bodies. In my opinion, optimal functioning Read more
  • Optimal Functioning: Part 2
    Optimal Functioning: Part 2 In my last blog, I shared the first part of what it means to be optimally functioning or, in other words, to have true health. In this Read more
  • Optimal Functioning: Part 3
    Optimal Functioning: Part 3 So far we have talked about the first two parts of optimally functioning: mechanical and biological functioning. Today, we are going to talk about the third part Read more
  • Optimal Functioning: Part 4
    Optimal Functioning: Part 4 In order to be optimally functioning, we need to be physically moving well, biologically working properly and healing maximally. When all of these are functioning at your Read more
  • Optimal Functioning | Part 5
    Optimal Functioning | Part 5 We have now come to the conclusion of our blog series explaining the true definition of health. Health is about how well we are optimally functioning. Read more