Work Injury

Chiropractic Care for a Work Injury

Whether you do manual labor, work at a desk, or anything in between, any type of employee can suffer a work injury at any time mostly because of the repetitive nature of their job or poor positioning/posture they are in while working. While most of these injuries are not fatal, they may still cause chronic pain and can substantially affect one’s quality of life. In some cases, you may even see a loss in wages because you cannot continue to perform your job. Our chiropractor at Health + Healing Chiropractic knows how to help you deal with chronic pain caused by a work injury.


Common Work Injuries

Some workplace injuries seem so subtle, you may not even think about them. It can be embarrassing to slip and fall at work, so you may just shrug it off. But even a slight trip and fall can cause back, neck, arm, shoulder, knee, or leg pain. You may not feel it immediately after it happens, but a week or two later.

If you work in a warehouse or in construction, you may have something fall on you. Tools, boxes, or some other type of debris can cause injuries, even if you are wearing the correct protective gear for the job.

Movers and delivery people may find they overexert themselves picking up boxes. Even if you know how to bend properly to pick up a box, a slight misstep can strain your back, hurt your shoulder, sprain a ligament or pull a muscle. Making the same repetitive movements day in and day out can cause injuries.

If you drive for a living and suffer a work injury, you may have whiplash, headaches, and muscle and tissue damage. Even getting in and out of a car or truck can cause you to strain your back.

Office workers can injure themselves just sitting at a desk. Improper monitor placement may cause you to look down, putting stress on your neck muscles developing forward head posture. Not having your hands and arms straight and level can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. Even eye strain from looking at a computer all day can result in headaches.

Chiropractic Care For Work Injuries

If you are in pain and visit your primary care physician, they may prescribe drugs, which mask the pain. Your Mississauga chiropractor knows how to treat you for a work-related injury, whether it is headaches, sprains, strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, nerve damage, or back, neck, arm, shoulder, or leg pain. After discussing your medical history with you, we use gentle, non-invasive adjustments and techniques to relieve pressure and realign your spine to restore balance to your body.

Our chiropractor can suggest dietary changes, massage, and relaxation techniques that can relieve work stress.  And finally, we give you exercises you can do at home to avoid further injury.

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