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4 Awesome Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Seniors

4 Awesome Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Seniors

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1. Correction of Posture

Correcting posture has many benefits for a senior. Gravity is one of the biggest forms of physical stress on our bodies. Unfortunately, once our heads start to move forward into a forward head position, gravity takes a hold of it and over time breaks down our posture. We’ve all see an elderly person hunched over. Clearly they weren’t born that way. Posture health breaks down over a life time, so unless you are doing something about it on a regular basis, like chiropractic, your body will break down.  Chiropractic can help reverse poor posture and improve quality of life. Other than standing taller, the benefits of correcting posture also include being able to breathe easier, move better, drive easier and reducing osteoarthritis.

2. Prevention of Falls

Falls are a big risk for seniors. A single fall could dramatically change the direction of one’s life for the worse.  So how does chiropractic help prevent falls? In everyone’s spine, especially in the neck, there are specialize nerves that help communicate to each of us where our body is in space.  When the neck starts to degenerate and break down, these specialized nerves also break down. As a result, there is an increased risk for falling and seriously injuring yourself. Chiropractic can gently improve neck mobility and thus improve the health of these specialized nerves.

3. Increased Mobility

Speaking of mobility, chiropractic will also help keep the entire body mobile and flexible.  Seniors will greatly benefit from this because it will continue to allow them to perform physical tasks from putting on socks to swimming in a pool.  I think it goes without saying, that seniors who can move are also enjoying life to the fullest.

4. Improved Spinal Health

If you’ve read my previous blog posts on Optimal Functioning, you know that improving spinal health is critical to maintaining good health for a life time. Simply put, the source for all healing and function in the body starts and ends with the brain. And the only way the brain can communicate these messages is through the spine and spinal cord. Therefore, keeping your spine in tip top condition is essential to a long healthy life full of vitality.

The benefits of chiropractic for seniors are numerous.  Here’s a study performed by Dr. Ian Coulter called, “Chiropractic Care for the Elderly.” The key points are as follows:

  • 44% of those who used chiropractic care reported having arthritis compared with 66% in the non-chiropractic care group
  • At the three-year follow-up, less than 5% of those who used chiropractic care lived in a nursing home while a staggering 48% of those who did not use chiropractic care did live in a nursing home
  • At the three-years follow-up, only 26% of those who used chiropractic care were hospitalized compared with 48% of those in the non-chiropractic group

The numbers speak for themselves. Regular chiropractic care enhances lives, saves lives and helps people reach their maximum potential.

What are you waiting for? If you’re contemplating whether or not chiropractic care can help you, get your spine checked today! Call us for a free consultation (905) 916-HEAL(4325)

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