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Cutting Edge Healthcare 

Neuroscientists have recently discovered a powerful intervention that could change the world!


The New York Times have published an article called, “Can the Nervous System be Hacked?”. The article is about a new “cutting edge” field of medicine called bioelectronics where scientists have discovered the link between nerves in the body and the immune system! The article goes on to say that, “bioelectronics is straightforward: Get the nervous system to tell the body to heal itself” and that, “instead of drugs, the treatment is a pattern of electrical impulses.” Pharmaceutical company Glaxosmithkline (GSK) has so far invested $50 million dollars into the research and study of bioelectronics because of the promising future this field holds. 

How do bioelectronics work? A device as small as a dime (see photo) is surgically implanted onto a nerve like the vagus nerve in the neck and is electrically stimulated by the instrument. The electrical impulses by the device produce a favourable result where diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can be treated. Experts in this field say that based on the results of research so far “bioelectronic medicine might someday treat hypertension, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, infertility, obesity and [even] cancer!”

To those reading this, let me ask you a question: does this cutting edge “new” field of medicine sound familiar where by stimulating the nervous system to communicate better with the body gets rid of disease and promotes health? This is exactly what chiropractic has been doing for the last 123 years!  Is there a benefit to bioelectronics? Possibly. But the problem is that this encourages people believe they don't have to look after themselves and at the end of the road there's going to be this magic device or pill that's going to save or improve the quality of their life. So far that has never happened and I believe it never will. Why? Because you are not a machine that can simply be “hacked” for better health. I hope you understand that you already have the power to heal yourself. I don’t believe that the solution to better health lies in a tiny electrical device. Rather, I believe, removing and correcting subluxations is the key. Chiropractic is not an old-school healing art. The truth is it’s CUTTING EDGE HEALTHCARE and all of you who are receiving adjustments are leading the way! The future is now.

I am proud to be a chiropractor, but more importantly, I am blessed to have each of you as patients because I love serving you all. Witnessing miracle story after miracle story is why I love getting up in the mornings. So don’t be shy spread the good news about chiropractic and share your miracle story.  If you want to look up this article on Google feel free. On a positive note, I must say, it is nice to see that medical researchers are starting to understand the powerful link between the nervous system and healing.