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Building Momentum

Building Momentum

Going away for vacation this summer? Here’s how we can stay atop of your spinal correction.


The summer season is here and for some, it’s an excuse to become complacent with our health. That means not watching what we eat or skipping exercise routines or worse stopping all together! 

Since many of you are planning a vacation you’ll be taking a break from your work day stress. That’s great and is necessary, but remember subluxations (spinal misalignments) don’t take breaks. Regardless if you’re away on holiday laying under the sun or working a high physical job, spinal misalignments don’t discriminate. There’s a battle within your body between returning back to your old state (disease and sickness) versus your new state (life and vitality). If you get this, the battle is real because everyday you are either moving towards life or death based on your lifestyle choices. Is this a tough pill to swallow? You bet, but is it worth your life? Absolutely.  

For those going on vacation, we will be building spinal correction momentum by providing for you extra adjustments the weeks leading up to your vacation. See in physics, momentum = mass x velocity and in chiropractic terms that means:

Momentum of Spinal Correction = Mass of adjustments (increase number of adjustments) x Velocity of effort (effort you place ensuring you get that extra adjustment)

Keeping your momentum strong during the summer season will ensure that you are not playing catch up with your adjustments once you return from your vacation. True health is always an active effort and is never passive.