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Strengthen Your Glutes!

The largest muscle in your body is one on which you are sitting on.

I had a patient ask me, “what are glutes?” after telling him he needed to strengthen his glute muscles. So in case there are more who aren't sure what your glute muscles are, they’re your butt muscles. And the reason why I decided devote a weekly handout to this muscle is simply because it’s one of the most under used muscles in our body and plays a pivotal role in pretty much everything we do. 

The problem comes down to the very fact that all day long most of us are sitting. We sit to eat, sit to commute to work, sit while working, and then to relax in the evenings we are sitting again on the couch. Sitting is literally killing us and because we're not using our muscles, muscles like your glutes become weak and tight. 

In general, this can lead to lower spine, hip and pelvic problems. The solution? Well, to strengthen them! But like any exercise this takes work and discipline. However, if you're dedicated you'll reap the benefits. 

Here are my 3 step process to getting a healthy and strong rear-end to prevent or currently help your problem. 

  1. Stretch Your Glutes. My favorite stretch of glutes is the ‘seated figure 4’ one. This can be done daily. See on reverse side. 

  2. Massage Your Glutes. Got a tennis ball, golf ball or baseball? That's all you need. Again, you can do these daily as well, see reverse side for details on how to massage your own glutes. 

  3. Strengthen Your Glutes. There are so many glute exercises, but these are some of my personal ‘go-to’ ones that I personally do. Start with 3x/week in the beginning to build up strength, then 1x/week to maintain.

So there you have it. Start working on your glutes! 

Yours in Health, 

Dr. Tyler

1. Stretch Your Glutes:

Place left ankle over right knee/thigh while sitting up straight, then lean forward, keeping your back straight leading with your chest.

2. Massage Your Glutes:


Place ball beneath your glutes and put as much or as little pressure as you can handle. Advanced: Combine glute stretch with the use of the massage ball. 

3. Strengthen Your Glutes:


Beginner: While laying on your back, raise your pelvis towards the ceiling with both legs. 

Intermediate: Repeat above, except pushing your pelvis up with with one leg and keeping other straight. 

Advanced: By leaning your upper back on a bench/chair or couch, place a weight over your pelvis. Then raise your pelvis towards the ceiling.