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Health: Our #1 Asset

Health: Our #1 Asset

running, jogging, health, #1 assetOur number one asset in our life needs to be our health. Think about this: if we don’t have good health, then what really do we have? You could have a thriving marriage or relationships with your children and friends, but if you don’t have health, what do you have? You could be a multi-millionaire and have all sorts of wealth (not just monetary), but if you don’t have health, what do you have? Health is #1. It MUST take priority over everything else! Do you agree? And if you do, then we need to make sure your definition of health is correct. How would you define health?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines health as “the condition of being well or free from disease”.  And the definition of disease from the same source is as follows: “a condition of the body in one of its parts that impairs normal functioning typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms.”  So as long as we are free from disease or signs and symptoms of disease we are healthy? Unfortunately, the truth is if we wait until disease or symptoms show up before we get help, it may be too late for us. Why? Because many diseases start in the body before the symptoms even show up! Symptoms are always the last thing to show up in a disease process. In addition, this is a reactive approach to health when it’s always better to be proactive with your health.  So if health is not about just being free from disease and symptoms, then what is it? 

The World Health Organization defines health as follows: health is the optimal functioning of the body physically, mentally and socially and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Key words here are optimal functioning. So just because you don’t have disease or symptoms doesn’t mean you are healthy.   The truth is that health equates to 100% functioning. How can we ensure our bodies are optimally functioning? Stay tuned to my next blog. 

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