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  • Mississauga Chiropractor Explains the Link Between Strong Muscles and Brain Strength
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Mississauga Chiropractor Explains the Link Between Strong Muscles and Brain Strength

Muscle Strength = Brain Strength!

Research shows a link between having strong muscles and a strong brain?



The reason why chiropractic adjustments are so powerful is because of the brain connection to the spine and body. However, your body’s health is limited by how healthy your brain is. So if you want a healthier body, strengthen your brain! And the good news is now there is research showing that when you strengthen your body you are as a matter of fact also strengthening your brain! Which goes full circle in that as your brain health improves so does your body! Make sense?

How does this work? Science has proven that exercise to your body promotes what’s called, “neurogenesis” meaning the growth of new brain cells. Understand that your brain is a living organism and is, therefore, always changing. But it needs help. If you do nothing, the likelihood is that your brain is degenerating which leads to memory lapses and other cognitive issues.  However, if you are stimulating your brain with exercise then you are, instead, regenerating and promoting growth!

Does this mean you need to start training for marathons or go on 1 hour plus exercise routines? The good news is that research shows that all you need is 20 minutes of physical activity to promote a healthier brain. What type of exercise is most beneficial? Research also shows that aerobic exercise is best. One study found that aerobic exercise increased the size of the hippocampus which is the part of the brain responsible for verbal memory and learning.

Why am I sharing this? Because about 80% of the population do not do enough physical exercise. Many are getting adjusted because we want to be healthier, but many don’t do what we should be doing because, in my opinion, we don’t know why we should be doing it. Now you know one BIG reason to start exercising. And I believe the healthier your brain is the more effective the adjustments will be! My challenge to those reading this is to pick one aerobic activity (i.e. walking, running, biking, etc.) and commit to it on a regular basis this season. And when you figure it out let me know what’s your goal.