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  • Mississauga Chiropractor Explains Why Proper Fat Ratio is Essential to a Healthy Life
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Mississauga Chiropractor Explains Why Proper Fat Ratio is Essential to a Healthy Life

Proper Fat Ratio

Are you providing your body with the proper fat ratio designed for healing?


Not all fats are bad. In fact, they are all good fats because fats have a role to play in a healthy diet. The problem lies when we over consume one type of fat over another type of fat. Take for example omega 3 versus omega 6 fats. These are called essential fats because our body is unable to make these and therefore must be consumed through our diet.

Our bodies require both of these fats for proper functioning. Omega 3 fats are considered to be anti-inflammatory fats and help lower your risk for diseases like heart disease, depression, dementia, and arthritis. Omega 6 fats are good for reducing nerve pain in patients with diabetic neuropathy, reduce high blood pressure and support bone health.

Now, you might be thinking what’s the problem there if both of these fats are super healthy. Good question. The problem lies in the balance ratio between these two. A health ratio balance between omega 3 and 6 should be at a 1:2 ratio; however, in a typical North American diet we are getting a lopsided ratio of 1:20! And this imbalance can lead to heart disease, cancer, asthma, arthritis, and depression.

The reason for this is because omega 6 fats are readily available in many food sources like bread, pasta, grains, vegetable oils or nuts for example. And on the opposing side, omega 3’s are not as readily available but are found in many fishes like wild salmon, sardines or mackerel, eggs, flaxseed, walnuts and chia seeds for example.

Eating the right balance is an important component of a healthy body.  Getting your spine adjusted is key to achieving proper functioning and healing, but if you’re not providing your body with proper fuel (for your car lovers out there) it's like filling up a race car with 89 octane gas instead of 93.  Your race car may still function with 89 octane fuel but will certainly not function at its maximum potential. Your body is the same way. Provide the proper food balances and you will get the most out of it. Give it junk, it becomes junk. Eating healthy together with chiropractic adjustments will help optimize your body’s potential for giving you life to your years and years to your life!   

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic, let me, your Mississauga chiropractor help you find a local chiropractor near you.