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My Why!

My Why!

Why did Dr. Tyler become a chiropractor? 


For starters, I knew since grade school I wanted to be working in healthcare.  It was in my blood. Starting with my grandfather, he was a physician, then I have two uncles who also pursued medicine to become family doctors and now my cousin is currently in med school. But something just didn’t sit right with me from a very young age about the thought of prescribing drugs to help someone be “healthy”.  Thus, becoming a medical practitioner wasn’t on my radar.

So when it came to choosing which healthcare avenue I wanted to take I narrowed it down to becoming a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a naturopath or a chiropractic doctor.  No surprise here, I choose chiropractic. Why? Because I learned chiropractic addressed the true cause of diseases and was a true form of preventative healthcare and wellness.  Chiropractic actually fixed the cause of the problem rather than masking it! I fell in love with the principle of chiropractic. I fell in love with the art of adjusting and best of all I fell in love with the awesome life changing stories chiropractic brought to people.  

And along this chiropractic journey, I think it’s no secret, is when I dedicated my life to Christ. And what better way to serve God’s people than through hands-on healing and displaying God’s healing powers through the benefits of regular chiropractic care! (See Luke 13:13). Nothing makes me more excited than to hear the amazing stories each of you have had through your experience receiving chiropractic care. Everything from improved back pain, neck pain to no more asthmatic attacks or painful menstrual cramps. So, why did I become a chiropractor? Because it’s my calling to bring health and healing to families in and around the Mississauga area so that they can live life to their God-given potential. Let’s face it, God did not design us to be sick with disease, but instead to be thriving through our lifetime with an abundance of health and wellness! 


Dr. Tyler