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Oh no, my kids are sick

Oh no, my kids are...


When kids become sick with a cold or a flu life takes a detour. They can’t go to school, you may have to miss work, the kids aren’t themselves, what you had on the menu for dinner that night might have to get altered, the list goes on. We can certainly look at this time as a nuisance because plans are forced to get changed and no one really likes their plans altered last minute. But when you take a step back, taking a broader view upon life, this is probably one of the best things to happen to a healthy child. What do you mean Dr. Tyler? How is this one of the best things to happen? Let me explain. 

Every parent wants to see their child grow up to become strong and become world changers in their own unique way. But to become strong, sometimes one must become momentarily weak. So when an infection like a virus invades your child, they may become sick with cold/flu symptoms - body aches, fevers, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, etc. However, the good news is that their healthy immune system will, in the end, defeat the infection and permanently become more efficient and stronger at defeating infections that are surely to come in the future! 

Still, don’t get it? It’s like lifting weights and building muscles at the gym. No one builds muscle by not lifting. You MUST lift weights heavy enough to cause your muscles to become weak, so that they can heal from the heavy lifting and become even stronger than before! 

So the next time your child, or even you become sick, remember that they have a self healing powerfully functioning body that is designed to be always 100% healing. Trust in this power to heal and get adjusted to maximize your body’s potential.