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Chiropractic & Your Immunity

Chiropractic & Your Immunity 

 Here are some recent chiropractic miracles that has happened right here in our office!


Many of you have shared with me that one of the wonderful benefits of receiving regular chiropractic adjustments is that you have noticed that your immunity is stronger. And the most common two comments are, “everyone in my office is sick except me!” or “usually this time of year I get allergies, but now I don’t anymore”.  It really is amazing and is something to marvel at how a simple, yet powerful chiropractic adjustment can influence something so complex like your immune system. And in the early years of the chiropractic profession the research couldn’t support such claims. But today, things have changed. The following are some research articles on how getting adjusted boosts your immune system. 

  1. Journal of Osteopathic Association (Mar 2011) 

Clearly shows that adjustments increases IgA by 139%, increasing immunity, decrease risk of infections. Increased levels of IgA have been shown to improve immunity and decrease infections

  1. Journal of Orthopedic Surgery (Oct 2004)

98% of patients with dermatitis, allergies and asthma had vertebral misalignments and the correction of these spinal misalignments improved itching symptoms of chronic dermatitis by 88%, skin appearance of dermatitis patients by 72% and allergy improvements by 70%. Those who did not receive adjustments had NO IMPROVEMENTS.

  1. Journal of Chiropractic & Osteopathy (2008)

76 subjects were randomized to receive a mid back adjustment. The researchers noticed that those who did receive an adjustment had a significant increase in interleukin-2 (IL-2) in their blood in comparison to those who did not receive an adjustment. IL-2 is a signaling molecule that regulates white blood cells and helps fights off infection.

Understanding the role of chiropractic adjustments improving immunity will continue to need more research, however, if there’s one thing that’s certain is the personal experiences our patients have had over the years. You cannot argue against a personal patient experience that involves improved immune responses because it’s their story.