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Bowling Ball on a Stick

Bowling Ball on a Stick

 How the position of your head plays a HUGE role on your spine and ultimately your LIFE! 


To help prioritize what are the most important things in your life, ask yourself this question, “what matters most the further I look into my future to me?".  In my opinion, the answer to that question are relationships and health. With regards to health, without it what do we really have? It doesn’t matter how achieved you may be, how advanced you are in your career or how much money you have in your bank account, without our health all those things I mentioned truly have no value. 

Your spine is critical to your overall level of health. Therefore, taking care of it should be everyone’s priority (I know I’m preaching to the choir here).  One area that I know has a massive contribution to spinal degeneration is our relationship with technology. Technology is great, but not without consequences. Let's take smartphones for example. First understand that the average human head weighs 12 pounds, but as we look downwards at our phone at a 45 degree angle the force our head creates on our spine dramatically increases to 60 pounds! Now, based on research, take into account that the average person uses their phone 2-4 hours per day meaning 1400 hours per year and 100,000 hours over the average life span. 

What do you suppose happens to your spine over your lifetime of 100,000 hours of smartphone use if it’s exposed to 60 pounds of stress? And what do you think the effect this has on your central nervous system and the surrounding structures in your neck such as your discs, muscles, ligaments, etc? See, chiropractors understand the importance of health in this way. You, as my patients understand this better now too, but there so many people who don’t and are unknowingly compromising their health. Dr. Tyler is on a mission to help these people. And one way that Dr. Tyler does so is through health talks - education. And if you and your company, organization or group would like to discover the secret to knowing how to live longer and healthier lives let Kathryn know and we can organize a date and time to share some of the best kept secrets about health and wellness that will truly change and save lives. 

Be blessed, 

Dr. Tyler