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Babies, Toddlers & Chiropractic

Babies, Toddlers & Chiropractic

Why they need care just as much as you do.

One of the questions Kathryn and I get at health expos and community events when we reach out to the community is, “is chiropractic good for babies and toddlers?”  0284520001571420162.jpg

The answer is absolutely.  Anyone with a spine benefits from chiropractic. You now know that physical stresses like motor vehicle accidents, being seated all day at a desk job, poor sleeping habits, strenuous exercises, slips and falls, and even the birth process itself impacts the spine causing subluxations. And out of all of these different stresses there's one that none of us can avoid - the birth process. We’ve all been through it. 

The most common birth injuries are to the head, neck & shoulders. One study showed that the amount of force used to pull on the head during delivery could be as high as 120 pounds of long axis traction (forcep, c-section or vacuum delivery would be an even greater stress). That's a massive amount of force! And it's that type of force that would subluxate an infant's spine into a degenerative phase 1 right from birth and set them on a path towards health problems decades down the road.   

Two weeks ago a mother brought in her 3 month old baby because he was gassy and extremely colicky. And every single night, like clockwork, from 6pm to midnight this poor baby would be crying in discomfort. As you could imagine this placed an immense amount of stress on the sleepless and worn down parents. This little 3 month old received his first adjustment and that SAME night to the parent’s surprise (and relief), he slept peacefully throughout the entire evening and night. See, the adjustment helped not only his body to function better, but truthfully, I believe that this simple yet powerful adjustment just saved this baby boy from having to deal with sickness and disease decades down the road for him. 

So should babies and toddlers get checked?  You bet they should because not all subluxations initially have symptoms. And by getting children checked both the child and their parents have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so.