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  • My Why!
    Why did Dr. Tyler become a chiropractor? Read more
  • Oh no, my kids are sick
    When kids become sick with a cold or a flu life takes a detour. They can’t go to school, you may have to miss work, the kids aren’t themselves, what you had on the menu for dinner that night might have to get altered, the list goes on. We can certainly look at this time as a nuisance because plans are forced to get changed and no one really likes their plans altered last minute. Read more
  • How Healing Works
    The truth about healing is that there are many factors that control the speed of one's recovery. However, there are essentially two levels of healing. Read more
  • Cutting Edge Healthcare
    Neuroscientists have recently discovered a powerful intervention that could change the world! Read more
  • Chiropractic & Your Immunity
    Here are some recent chiropractic miracles that has happened right here in our office! Read more
  • Building Momentum
    Going away for vacation this summer? Here’s how we can stay atop of your spinal correction. Read more
  • Bowling Ball on a Stick
    How the position of your head plays a HUGE role on your spine and ultimately your LIFE! Read more